Why I'm Running for Attorney General

New Face. New Ideas. Commitment to Justice.

It's unfortunate that Rhode Island seems to have the reputation of a state bogged down in political cronyism and scandal. We have so much to offer as a State that often gets overlooked each time we have to see another political personality either prosecuted or penalized for continuing to put their political careers over the welfare of Rhode Islanders. If elected to be the next Rhode Island Attorney General, Chas will ensure that he will uphold his oath to faithfully execute and enforce the laws and constitution of the State of Rhode Island and those of the United States regardless of his personal opinions, political or otherwise.

No Politics

Take the Politics out of Prosecution.

As the top attorney for the State, his personal and political opinions will play no role in the everyday decision making process the Office goes through. The actions of the employees of his administration will be dictated by the law, the facts and individual situations in order to accomplish the one mission of that Office - to achieve justice in each and every case. Decisions about cases will be made without consideration of a person's political views, connections to those in power (or lack thereof), or any outside group who wants to influence the actions of the Office.

Not a Career Politician

Campaign is NOT a stepping stone to another political office.

Chas is not a career politician and has no desire to be one. For that reason, he is not beholden to any political party, donor, nor any other group of people to which career politicians cater. He seeks this Office so he can ensure justice is achieved and the right outcome is sought in each and every matter that comes before the Office of the Attorney General.